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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Hi, everyone! My name's Samantha aka "Too Little". As a short intro about myself, I'm from NJ, but went to university at USC (Fight ON!) and graduated with a degree in Business Admin and a minor in Japanese. Last year, I moved to Tokyo for my first job and asked my twin sister Sade to come with me. Amazingly, she said yes without hesitation haha, but that's just how we work. Recently, she asked me to start a style blog with her and this is my first post. Honestly, I'm super excited for the future and hope that I can supply you guys with a look into my daily style choices! And hopefully learn a bit from you as well.
皆さんこんにちは!このブログの”Too Little”のサマンサです。でも、サミーと読んでください。短い自己紹介は、アメリカのニュジャージで生まれて育ちました。大学を通うために、ロスアンゼルスへ引っ越して、南カリフォルニア大学(Fight On!)でビジネスと日本語を選考しました。去年、仕事のために東京へ引っ越しました。引っ越した前に、私の妹を聞いて、❝一緒に日本へ引っ越そう!❞。遠慮なく”YES"を答えました。でも、私たちに関して、それは普通ですwww 最近、妹は私に聞いて ❝ファッションブログを作りましょう❞。今度、私が”YES"を答えました。これは私の初ポストで、ちょっと緊張でも、ワクワクしています!
여로분 안녕! 제 이름은 사만사 "Too Little". 전 미국에 있는 뉴저지에서 태오났고 USC이라는 대하교에서 졸업했다 (전공: 비즈니스 | 부전공: 일본어). 작년에 첫취직을 위해 도쿄로 이사갔고 우리 동생 샤데 "Too Much" 같이 오라고 했다. 놀랍게, 주저없이 샤데 동의했는데 우리 그냥 그런 남매다. 솔직하게 말하면 미래를 기다리는 게 너무 신이 나고 여로분 한태 내 스타일 보여 주고 싶다!

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