Trip to Korea: Nami Island

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

On our third day in Korea, we decided to take a trip to Nami Island, about two hours outside of Seoul. It was originally named after General Nami, but it’s most known for its role in the popular kdrama (Korean drama) Winter Sonata. Which probably contributes to its 3 million tourists per year! Personally, we’ve never seen the show, but thanks to our friends, we received a very brief overview of its plot before our arrival.
Sadly, we missed our train and had to spend the long ride sitting on the floor. But it was well worth the trip! After arriving in Gapyeong from Seoul (via Yongsan), you have the option of taking a taxi to the port, then a ferry to reach Nami. For those who are more into thrill seeking, you can switch out the ferry ride for a scenic zipline to reach the island for 38,000 won (~$38USD). While on Nami Island, we were able to take a ton of beautiful pictures, including those of some clay dolls representing various countries and cultures. We also ate some delicious ice cream, even though Sade’s met a sad end when it decided to become friends with the ground. However, the day met its climax when we rode a tandem bike for the first time! Admittedly, it’s not as easy as it looks and definitely made for a great team building activity.
In the end, we enjoyed our trip immensely and highly recommend it to those visiting Korea for their second time.


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겨울 연가의 촬영장 남이섬에 갔었다… 근데 가는 길에 기차를 놓쳤다! ! 우리는 그 드라마 안 봤지만 친구한테 충분히 들었다. 가평역에서 남이섬에 가려고 하면 선택은 두게 있다: 페리선이나 지퍼 라인 (38,000원). 섬에 있는 동안 사진도 많이 찍었고 맛있는 음식도 먹었다. 우리 한테 제일 좋은 기억은 2인용 바이크를 타는 거 였다.

***번역 잘 못해서 죄송합니다. -샤데

읽어서 감사합니다! 할 얘기 있으면 댓글 밑에 말해 주 십 시 오! 

残念ですけど、行く日、連射を逃してしまって、次の電車で床に座っていました。でも、この旅行は価値がありました。ソウルからガピョンに到着した後(ヨングサン経由)、ナミに行くためタクシーを乗って、フェリーで短時間で行きました。でも、もっとスリルが欲しい人、は3800円でジプシーを取ることができます。ナミ島で、たくさん写真を取って、様々な国や文化を代表する粘土人形を含ました。それと、美味しいアイスを食べて、でもシャデイのアイスは地面と一緒に友達になりましたwww しかし、初めてのタンデムバイクがある時には、その日は最高潮に達しました!確かに、簡単なことじゃないけど、素晴らしいチーム構築活動になりました。


Dress | Purchased somewhere in Goto Mall
Dress: Global Work | Bag: Lauren by Ralph Lauren
Seomhyanggi The Grill & Stew | 섬향기
These beautiful dolls represent different countries.
The Goblin Knoll

The bunny is being punished for eating the flowers!

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