Golden Week Vacay 2018: Fukushuen Garden

Saturday, May 26, 2018

 Last minute decisions can lead to amazing experiences and walking into the Fukushuen Garden was one of them. Entering the garden, we could hear the rush of water and birds chirping. In contrast to the lively streets of Naha City, Fukushuen was calm and serene. As we explored, we noticed people reading books and relaxing on the benches scattered about the area. It seemed like a place where the locals went to take a break from their busy lives and breathe easy.

The thing we loved most about spending time in Okinawa was getting to know what life was like for the people that lived there. If you plan on coming to Japan, please set aside some time to visit. You'll find that the history and lifestyle there is very different from the mainland.

*One of the smaller waterfalls that can be seen from the pavilion.*

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