Golden Week Vacay 2018: Okinawa World

Saturday, May 19, 2018

While in Okinawa, we had the chance to check out a couple of places in our first 2 days there. Some of the places we went to included Naha Kokusai Dori, Okinawa Prefectural/Art Museum, Shurijo Castle, and Okinawa World. Below we've included some pictures from the famous Gyoku Sendo Cave in Okinawa World.
Upon first entering the cave we began to worry about what exactly we'd gotten ourselves into and honestly we were pretty scared. Everything seemed so surreal, because it was our first time seeing something like it in person. Now, if you're someone that struggles with claustrophobia, I'd recommend that you avoid this place at all costs. However, if you're okay with small enclosed spaces you'll love it here! Walking around the cave we saw so many beautiful rock formations and gained a newfound appreciation for Earth's natural resources. So, if you're ever in Okinawa, please do not pass up this wonderful place!

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