Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo: ACUOD by CHANU

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Last week, Sam and I had the opportunity to attend Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo. Luckily, our new friend Shui, a photographer based in Tokyo, was available to come with and take the lovely photos you see in this post. 

Out of all the shows we've seen, ACUOD by CHANU definitely caught our attention last year and managed to do the exact same this time around. The show began with a powerful hip hop dance performance set to a heart-stopping beat. 

In a great show of representation, the first model to walk out was Nesmith, biracial singer/dancer of EXILE, wearing a heavily-zippered silver coat. As the models continued to come out, we noticed the newspaper strips in their hair. The strips focused on international violence, economic changes, immigration, and other significant current events. If Chanu's intent was to make a statement, then he definitely came to win. Between the political statements, racial representation, and downright fabulous clothes, Chanu won a special place in our hearts. 

<3 More photos by: Shui
In this stunning model's hair, you can see an article about violence. Zoom in on the photos below and tell us what you see in the comments! :)
 All photos taken by: @ssshuiii


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