Chicken Meunière

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

This chicken was so simple to make and it was surprisingly delicious. The butter adds additional flavor and helps to keep the chicken tender. Green beans (or asparagus) and mashed potatoes would be great additions as sides. Let us know what you think!


1 Chicken Breast
1 bundle of Asparagus or String Beans
½ cup Flour
Salt & Pepper (to taste)
Parmesan cheese (to taste)
2 tbsp Butter
3 tbsp Oil Directions

  1. Cut the chicken breast into 6-8 thin slices. Season both sides with salt & pepper. Coat with flour.

  2. In a pan, heat the butter and oil. Add the asparagus and chicken. Cook the chicken on both sides for 3-4 minutes each.

  3. Lastly, plate, sprinkle parmesan, and serve!


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