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Hey, everyone! Welcome to Too Little Too Much (formerly "The Style Thespian"), a joint collaboration between a set of twins living in Tokyo. We're double the trouble and looking forward to giving you a deeper look into our life, style, and travels.

Hello, I'm Too Much! My name is Sade Smith and I'm a style blogger/actress/Korea enthusiast who lives by the motto "Style first, everything else later!" I've loved fashion ever since I was a child and constantly competed in fashion shows. Inspired by my favorite fashion magazines and bloggers, I decided to create my own personal style blog. So, in the Summer of 2014, I created The Style Thespian, now known as Too Little Too Much, a joint collaboration between me and my sister Sammy.
- Instagram @sade.molla

Hi, I'm Too Little! My name is Samantha 'Sammy' Smith. I'm an entrepreneur at heart and a Japan aficionado. I currently live and work in Tokyo. In general, I'm a laid back individual and typically go at my own pace. Like my sister, I've participated in a number of fashion shows, however I wouldn't say I'm as hip to the fashion game as she is. Style-wise, I usually wear what keeps me comfy throughout the day.
- Instagram @afro_sam_urai

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